Free Comparative Market Analysis | Krugersdorp | Roodepoort

14 Jul 2015

Another great method in determining your house price and its current value is by making use of a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

A CMA is usually performed by an Estate Agent at the request of the Seller.

An Estate Agent will do a walk-through of the property in question and take into consideration all factors affecting the condition of a home.

The Estate Agent will be able to point out which are the unique aspects and features of your home and how they will affect the potential selling price.

Other factors which are incorporated in the CMA are:

- Average price per square metre in the area
- Recent sale prices of similar homes
- Comparative prices of other properties still on the market

The findings in this report include details of your home and its transfer history, as well as the most recent comparable sales in the surrounding area.

With this information you can more easily establish a reasonable price for your property.