Home-selling tips - Propeties For Sale in Krugersdorp | Roodepoort

14 Jul 2015

Once you have revamped the interior and exterior of your property you will find that your home has been instantly renewed.

Here are some additional tips to make your house even more inviting:

Home staging

Stage the important rooms of your home as if they were to appear in a décor magazine.

Start by removing unnecessary furniture and leave only the basics.

From here arrange your furniture to make the room look more spacious, with a seamless flow. Paint all the walls and the ceiling the same colour. This “tricks” the eye into viewing the ceiling as higher than it is and thus creates the impression of a larger room. Also, take out all personalised items allowing the potential Buyer to visualise the room with their own personal style.

Get rid of the outdated

Outdated décor will never work in your favour when selling your home; so, consider eliminating items of times gone by such as wall paper and outdated fixtures for a more refreshed look.

Let there be light

Illuminate dark corners in your home and let the natural light in by opening curtains and window coverings in your home.

If a room does not have sufficient natural light, consider purchasing freestanding uplights or placing table lamps around the home to brighten the darker areas.

When you are ready to Buy or Sell your home, please contact a FINE HOME Real Estate Agent “Property Professional” To provide you a market analysis at no charge, in order explore your options and get the process started together.