Fixing up your home for a fast sale

14 Jul 2015

Now that you have decided that this is the right time to sell, you need to prepare your home for a successful sale.

Creating a good impression of your home will help attract a willing buyer, and fixing up the important things will increase the chances of a sale at your preferred price. Follow these guidelines to fix up your house for selling.

Your first step before spending time and money on fixing up your home is to get a professional such as an Estate Agent to evaluate whether a fix-up is necessary for selling and whether this is likely to offer good returns. Sometimes a home will be bought solely for renovation purposes and this will make any initial fix-ups unnecessary. So before you embark on an expensive revamp, consider if it is worthwhile for a successful sale.

Walk around your home and make notes on the big things that need fixing and things that don’t work correctly; it’s often these issues that turn Buyers away.

Usually these problems are found to involve faulty plug points and light fittings or wall, ceiling and floor damage. Many homes require only minor adjustments or repairs before they can be sold.

Try to anticipate any repairs (inside and out) that a potential Buyer may ask for; this will give you a head start and you can fix it up before you list your home.

When you are ready to Buy or Sell your home, please contact a FINE HOME Real Estate Agent “Property Professional” To provide you a market analysis at no charge, in order explore your options and get the process started together.